Christmas New Year Party Makeup Ideas

Christmas and New Year festive is coming and every woman is trying to look at its best on the event. Everything is glowing around making it more beautiful. To make Christmas and New Year Party Makeup more festive and glamorous, you can do try this tips.

Christmas New Year Party Makeup Ideas
Tips for Christmas & New Year Party Makeup

Sweep a little shimmer powder on the cheeks to look fabulous. Also dab it below brow bone and on the inner corner of they eye. For light skin tone, try pink highlighter. Fro medium to dark tone choose golden tones because these look gorgeous.
This is an amazing Party Makeup Ideas for Christmas. Shimmery makeup is adds glamour and festivity to the face making it more beautiful and hot in the party.

Eye brows have direct impact upon your face and overall makeup, so focus them. Groom them by combing the hair and fill out the bare spots to perk up the looks. You can have any handy brow-grooming kit from the market that comes with mini tweezers, mirror, stencils, brow powder, brush, pencil and wax for perfect touch-up. Properly groomed eyebrows enhance the beauty of the eye and the face. So never ignore them. Shape them according to your face shape and eyes. Mostly at parties, thin eye brows look good, but you can go for any thickness that suits you.

Manicure for clean hands
Of course, your makeup is incomplete without a nice French manicure. Get it from an expert beauty salon to have glowing neat hands.

Extended liner
To make eyes look wide open and smiling apply black liner across the top lid. Its elegant, stylish and fashionable. Use liquid or gel liner. Start from the inner corner of the eyelid and move toward the other end extending above the brow edge. Shape it properly neither too thin nor too thick. You can have little dashes along the lash line and join them smoothly. Use neutral tone for eye shadow.

Deep shades in lipstick
Avoid browns and nude shades of lipstick. Mauve and reddish shades are the most perfect for Christmas makeup. You are dressed up in formal clothes so choose fancy makeup. And dull tones are not the right ones for that. Choose bright and deeper tones. Red goes with all dress colors. You can also match the shade of your lipstick and eye shadow with your attire but only if goes well.

Don’t forget to contour the nose and other face areas. These make them more prominent and defined.

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