Eyeliner Ideas For Stunning Eyes

When it comes to the makeup, there are many different tricks and techniques that you can try in order to have the different looks in the makeup. Even if these changes are made on the smallest level, then still the makeup look can look completely different as even the change of the lipstick shade can transform the whole makeup look.The eyes are the most prominent and the beautiful feature of the face, so only if right attention is given to them they can look very pretty. Now days with the help of the different makeup products that are only made for the eyes, the look of the eyes can be completely transformed. These makeup products are the eye primer, eye shades that come in powder forms and creams forms also. Mascara, eye liners, kohl and black pencils are also used in order to define and line the eyes.
By the help of the different eyeliner ideas for your eyes, you can achieve different eye looks for your eyes with the help of this guide.
First of all apply the eye primer on your eyes, and by the help of very light fingers smudge the primer on your eyelids. After this apply a very neutral and light colored eyes color on your eyelids. Now your eyes are ready to have any eyeliner look on them.
The daily look, is just applying a very thin line of the eyeliner on the upper rim of your eyelids, and just framing your eyes at the outer corner.
If you like then you can apply the kohl in the inner rim of your eyes also, but be sure that this is water proof or otherwise your eye makeup will become runny, which will spoil your whole makeup.
In order to have cat eyes you will have to create an arch on the outer corners of your eyes and after that fill this arch by the help of very rich black colored eyeliner, you can choose gel eyeliner, or even marker eyeliner. The marker eye liner is very simple to use, as it gives you a hold of the liner, thus you can create any look that you like.
Now line the inner corner and inner rim of your eyes. If you want to just make the arch prominent then you can just use the white color pencil to line the inner rim of your eyes. Finish off your look by applying thick coats of mascara and if you like then you can use the eye lashes also. But make sure that they are longer at the outer edges so that your eyes cannot lose the arched look. The Egyptian look is also very popular, as many girls try that. For this you will have to make inner edges of the black liner, so that your eyes have sharp edges on both ends but they should be in different directions. Try using marker eyeliner for summer and the gel or pencil for winter as they have moisturizer and oils in them, that cannot soughed in winter time.

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