Beautiful And Unique Polka Dot Nail Art Designs

Polka dot nail art design is not easy and can be done even by professionals. So follow these easy steps and grab your beautiful polka dot nail art designs 2014 to decorate your nails now.


First of all collect all the essential tools in a place that will need to design polka dot nail art designs 2014. You can simply use toothpicks, bobby pins and Q-tips to design the polka dots easily. However, it depends on your choice that how wide and tiny you desire your polka dot to be.


Now eliminate the old nail color for your nails with the help of nail polish remover and file your nails according to your need.


Now apply a nail base coat first. This is one of the most important part of nail art, it will assist prolong the life of your manicure.


In a couple of minutes your base coat will dry, then apply white nail polish on each nail. Make sure apply the smooth and long strokes so that the nail paint doesn’t clump from anyplace. Leave the nails to dry naturally.


Once your nail paint completely dried, by using of bobby pins or toothpicks, make a polka dot designs on each nail. You can also use Q-tips to apply small neon-colored dots on each nail. Simply, apply five dissimilar colors dots at the tip of each nail. It will give an artistic look.

Step #6:

Let your nails dries naturally and then apply a layer of clear nail polish at the top of nails to get a desire look. It will also stop the nail polish from chipping off quickly.
With these easy steps you can easily apply beautiful and unique polka dots nail art designs 2014 and get a perfect and desire look in few minutes.
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