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Weddings are huge events in Indian and Pakistani societies and therefore are given a lot of attention. Special attention is given to the bride, who is the main focus of the day. But for her to look absolutely gorgeous, everything from her dress to her shoes, her hair to her makeup, has to be perfect. Indian bridal makeup 2016 is especially popular these days because of its dramatic eye makeup looks and mind-blowing contouring looks. There are countless videos and pictures on the internet teaching you how to successfully do Indian bridal makeup according to your dresses and sarees. Watching a video is very helpful but pictures give you a wide variety of ideas and inspirations about your next make up style. The bride-to-be should also follow some makeup rules and be prepared to wow the multitude. Here are the tips.

The main purpose of perfect Indian bridal makeup is to accentuate and emphasize the best features of the bride and make her look breathtakingly gorgeous. Since South Asian brides are all decked up wearing beautiful clothes and jewelry, the makeup should complement them and not look either too over the top or too simple. Most brides hire a salon professional or makeup artist to do their makeup. While this is a very good decision as they are experts and it takes a lot off the bride’s mind if someone else is doing the work, you still need to tell them what look you are going for. If the makeup artist is new, go for a trial session before the actual event to avoid any surprises.

It is important to keep in mind the season and weather of your wedding and to tailor your makeup according to that. It is not easy to carry a full coverage indian bridal makeup in hot and humid weather. Another thing to consider is the time of your event. Daytime ceremonies should have a lighter makeup with pastel shades and subtle highlighting whereas night requires heavy makeup and bolder colors on eyes and lips.

Take a look at your clothes and jewelry and then decide on the makeup. Have a consultation appointment setup with your Indian bridal makeup artist and ask her for multiple options that go with the dress. Carefully think about them all and select the one you like best. Do not second guess your decision after that as last minute decisions usually end up in disasters.

You can also choose to do the makeup and lipsticks color yourself. If that is the case, buy your supplies way beforehand and do not experiment when it comes to foundation and concealer shades. You should also choose the right tools such as brushes and applicators and practice using them, so that you are comfortable on the day of your wedding. Do a few practice runs to choose a color scheme to see what suits you best. When you have found your look, repeat it a couple of times until you perfect it.

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